Stain Decks, Gazebos and Fences


Deck & Gazebo Staining

When it’s nice weather out, it becomes fun to have a deck and gazebo around, as it turns otherwise unused yard space into cozy social gathering areas that can be utilized to throw yard parties, host friends, or simply enjoy a quiet afternoon outside with the family. Regardless of what you use it for, it’s undeniable that a well-built deck/gazebo is key to having a fun time outdoors!

To maintain your deck and gazebo, it’s important to have it regularly stained and painted. This is something that extends well beyond mere aesthetic purposes, as it plays a major part in providing much-needed protection against the elements. A properly sealed coating defends your deck from moisture damage, insect damage, as well as any mold, algae, or fungi that can eat away at its wooden structure. This is a safety measure, as any of these things can compromise the structural integrity of the deck, leading to it becoming a potential hazard for residents.

Beyond that, proper staining is vital for ensuring that you can enjoy your deck to the fullest. Staining helps preserve the water within the wood from leaving, thus minimizing the chances for cracks and chipping to occur, both of which can be discomforting to bare feet, and aesthetically displeasing. Chipping paint and fading colors are also things that don’t bode well with a good time, as they are jarringly obvious, and can bring down the mood of any social gathering. Therefore it’s important to maintain your deck through a proper layer of paint or stain!

Fence Staining

Similarly to decks and gazebos, fences similarly make up a major part of the composition of your backyard. They provide a basic line of security along with your property and offer privacy from nosy neighbors and passerby. As a result of this, they are often the facade of your property, and play a big part in any first impressions of it.

Make sure to stain it adequately to provide a good image for your home. Just like decks, peeling or cracked paint or stain makes your fence an eyesore. It also makes it weaker, as it becomes susceptible to fungi, mold, water damage, and more.

Staining By Innovative Contracting Services

This is where we at Innovative Contracting Services come in. As experienced contractors with over 18 years of experience, we are more than up to the task of doing a paint/stain job that will look fantastic and protect your deck & fences for years to come! Count on us to select the right paints, show up on time, and get the work done in a professional and quick manner with none of the hassle other contractors may put you through.

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