Roxbury MA

As one of the original neighborhoods in Boston, West Roxbury has been around since Boston’s inception in 1630. Originally farmland, the area has since developed to become the culturally rich areas of Jamaica Plain and Roslindale. The area has risen along with the rest of Boston to become one of the new up-and-coming areas of Boston, with property values soaring along with the development of new housing, the establishment of new businesses, and the arrival of skilled workers from all over the country. West Roxbury is poised to enter a new era of prosperity, and we are excited to assist in working on the homes that will shelter the ambitious and young class of people that come with it.

Our Services:

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Roofing is an obvious part of your home’s defense against nature, as it blocks out wind, rain, and debris, as well as encloses your home and controls its climate. To properly perform its duty, your roof should be regularly maintained, and when the time comes, replaced to ensure its structural integrity remains secure. That’s why ICS offers comprehensive services that aim to tailor to the needs of your roof. This includes detailed inspections that should be performed once a year to keep an eye out for any budding problems that might become a costly issue later. Should we find anything, our skilled contractors will repair and replace the damages as necessary. We also offer full roof installations and replacements to make sure that your home will always remain strong and steady in the face of any calamity.


Siding is another key piece of the exterior puzzle aimed at defending your home. It also doubles as the facade of your residence, becoming a key focal point for anyone that walks past it. Therefore for the sake of your protection as well as the public perception of your home, it is integral that you maintain your siding just as diligently as your roofing. We offer inspections and replacement services as well for this, ensuring that your home’s needs are met consistently. Our contractors have worked on several homes over the years, and know what to do when it comes to any siding problem they encounter. Siding also needs to be replaced when its time just like roofing, so we offer full siding replacements as well.

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