Jamaica Plain MA

Jamaica Plain is one of the many historic neighborhoods bordering Boston, and along with Boston, has experienced many dramatic changes over the years. Originally part of Roxbury, the town of Jamaica Plain has had several iterations, first as a rural area, then as a bustling town, then as an industrial area, before reinvigorating itself as a center point for Boston’s vibrant young generation. Today, it is a bustling, diverse community that is reinvigorating a historic part of New England. We over at ICS are happy to provide roofing and siding services that will preserve the homes there for generations to come.


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Roofing Contracting Services

Roofs are essential to your home’s defensive measure, as it shields it from damaging natural elements such as wind, rain, and debris like leaves and branches. It also ensures that your home’s climate remains controlled, keeping it warm during the winter and cool during the summer. To ensure your roof performs optimally, it is vital that it is regularly maintained, and when its time, replaced to ensure that it will remain structurally secure.

To help make this happen, ICS offers a range of comprehensive roofing services geared towards keeping your roof in good condition. This includes inspections to diagnose problems, roofing installation and replacement, as well as servicing smaller components like gutters and vents that play a big part in your roof’s health. We employ the best contractors and use only the best materials to ensure the highest possible work being carried out for your home. When it comes to roofing in the Boston area, there is no equal!

Siding Contracting Services

Siding is equally important in the realm of exterior protection, as it puts up with many of the responsibilities that roofing has. Beyond that, it also serves as the majority of the facade of your home and has the additional task of looking pleasing to the eye. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly maintain it and replace it as needed just like you would for your roofing.

To help with this, we offer inspections and contracting services for siding as well, replacing and installing facades with the best materials on the market. With several years of experience under our belts, we know what to expect with each job, and know what to do with any siding problems we encounter. Count on us and our expertise to do what’s best for your home!

Count on Innovative Contracting Services to deliver top-notch exterior work to your home! If you feel like you could benefit from our high-quality work, contact us at 781-393-4427, or through our online inquiry form. We’d love to work with you!

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