How To Know When To Replace Your Gutters

How To Know When To Replace Your Gutters

Your gutters are an important component of your roof and are responsible for the discharge of runoff water to a safe place away from your home. However, they are often never prioritized as such, as they typically come secondary to roof shingles, since the latter is more visually striking. This is a mistake, as it supports the notion that the gutters aren’t as important as roofing, when in fact their malfunction tends to be more responsible for most common problems with roofing. Here are some signs for you to look out for before they cause serious damage.

Formation of Ice Dams

Ice Dams tend to be the bane of any roof during the winter, as they can be difficult to get rid of once they form. They usually are a sign of malfunctioning gutters that commonly form from clogs or damages that allow water and snow to build up along the edge of your roof. This is something that will not be solved by a roof replacement or repair, as it requires dedicated work on your gutters to resolve the issue.

Dents & Cracks

Obstructions like large dents or cracks in your gutters can lead to improper drainage. When water is not flowing freely or properly throughout the gutter system, it can be pushed back to soak your roof or make its way under your shingles.

Warped Downspouts

Similar to your gutter, downspouts can warp or dent over time. This can result in water flow being blocked or disrupted, obstructing the proper flow of water and preventing the system from working as efficiently as it should.  This causes your gutters to back up, leading to water damage on your roof.

Moss & Algae Growth

Moss & algae exhibit their own sense of natural charm when it is on your home, but in the case of your roof it can shorten your roof’s lifespan. Algae eats away at the protective granules on asphalt roof shingles, making it more delicate and more susceptible to damage from environmental factors. Moss and algae tend to thrive on wet and humid conditions, making it a surefire indicator of water leakage for your roof. Check to see if there is any growing near your gutters on the edge of your roof to see if its the cause.

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