There are a lot of components to every home, and figuring out what each one should consist of is no easy task. ICS works hard to help solve this through offering our color and finishing consulting services, where we lend our expertise and experience from several homes to help you decide what the final details should be for yours.



Your home’s color scheme is one of the biggest contributors to it’s overall aesthetic appeal. It is the first thing your neighbors and guests will see when they walk to your home, and it is a personal expression of the residents that live within. From a functional perspective however, your choice of paint will play a major part in how your siding is protected, and the future maintenance for your facade. As home exterior experts, we take all the guesswork our of not only bringing our vision for your home to life, but to select the type of paint that is right for you. We take into account various factors such as the setting of the neighborhood, the climate of the area, and your personal preferences, and create a look that not only pleases, but performs.



Maybe you don’t want just a simple color, but a certain shine ontop of it. Or sometimes its not just about color, but letting the original beauty of the material shine through.  This is the job of your exterior’s finishing, a final layer of texture that acts as both a layer of protection to your paint scheme, or functions great as a stain all by itself. As exterior experts, we know what is necessary to bring out the best in a home, and know which type of finish not only looks good, but works best for your home’s environmental setting.

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