Which Siding Is Right for You?

Which Siding Is Right for You?

Siding is something that is often touted as one of the most important components in a home, and that is true, especially for those that live in humid or stormy climates. But exactly what is the right kind of siding is largely dependant on the conditions that you are in, as well as the intentions you have for your home (purchase for the long term, renting it out, fix up then sell). While we have talked about exterior materials in the past, this time we will go into the criteria that you should look for when selecting siding, with the aim to help you make the right decision when it comes to materials based on what you need.

How Long Do You Plan to Own It?

The first thing you should be asking yourself when going on your siding journey is how long you intend to keep the house. Is it going to be the future home of you and your family for the long run? Or maybe you are just trying to flip it for a quick buck. Whichever one you choose will be important, as it dictates how much longevity is a priority. If you intend to own the home for the long run, you will want to have a siding that is long-lasting and resistant to most forms of weather, in hopes of not needing to replace it during the entirety of your ownership of the hope. For this, materials like fiber-cement, such as the ones provided by James Hardie, are perfect for your home, as it lasts for long periods of time and can handle a wide array of conditions. This makes it worth the high upfront cost, as it works out to be more economical in the long run. If you plan to flip and sell the house, or are replacing the siding before selling it, then it makes less sense to invest in such expensive siding. Vinyl siding works better for this, as it is cheaper and is still decent quality.

Will You Be Living There?

Another question you should ask yourself is whether the siding job is for you or for someone else who will be occupying the home. For example, if you are living on the property, then installing a material that requires more maintenance or is less durable isn’t as much of an issue, because the care of the material is under your supervision, and you can trust yourself better to handle your home with caution. This is a risk that escalates if you were renting out the property to someone else, as you don’t know how they are going to treat your home. While you may be responsible for scheduling routine inspections and making repairs, mistreatment from their end as well as failure to do basic things like keeping the siding clean can increase maintenance costs. Therefore, less durable materials like wood and vinyl may not be the best option if this applies to you. Your best bet would be fiber-cement or metal.

What Climate Are You In?

This is probably the biggest determinant of what you should choose. While extremely durable materials like brick and cement are pretty much good everywhere, other materials like metal, wood, and artifical siding like vinyl and fiber-cement tend to be more volatile. Wood is good for moderate climates, but if it gets too hot and dry it can lose its integrity. Too humid on the other hand can result in water damage and algae and moss growth. It is also vulnerable to damage from insects, like termites.

Vinyl is among one of the best and versatile siding shingles around, and can have the classic look of wood without as much worry about the elements and the expensive upkeep. However, it still isn’t as durable as brick and cement and are subject to cracking and denting, whether it be from temperature changes or heavy impacts from debris like hail. They also are less impact-resistant and run a higher risk of letting in fungus and water if compromised. If you live in storm-prone areas, then vinyl may not be the best choice if you intend to keep the home for the long term. Look into James Hardie’s storm-proof fiber-cement options. A good comparison between fiber-cement and vinyl and wood exists here.

As you can see, it is extremely important to choose the correct external materials for your home. Making the wrong choices with materials that do not fit your needs and intentions could end up being a costly mistake that will cost a significant amount of money to fix. Therefore, it is best to take the preventative measure and contact an experienced contractor from Innovative Contracting Services to help assist you in your repairs. We have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision about your siding of choice, as well as the skills to help install it. Reach out to us either by phone, or through our inquiry form. We’d love to help you.

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