3 Different Types of Roofing You Should Consider

3 Different Types of Roofing You Should Consider

So you’ve pulled the trigger and decided it’s time to replace your roof. Smart move. Only question is, with the variety of options on the market, what is the right one for you? Here to help answer that question is a list of 3 of the most popular types of roofing, and the upsides and downsides of each one.


A common choice for many American homes thanks to their versatility. It can hold up pretty well against rain and snow, and they come in pretty much every style and color you could want. Really the quality of the shingles depends on the tier you are willing to pay for, as they have ones different price points. We personally recommend Certainteed’s asphalt shingles, one of the best names in the industry, for their renowned¬†quality and durability. Overall the cost is low in comparison to other materials. However, these generally don’t last too long, and will need replacing after 20 years or so. Also consider how common stormy weather is in your area, as the shingles tend to be weak to strong winds.


Metal roofing is an option that has recently risen to popularity thanks to its unique industrial look and weather-resistant properties. It is great for snow, rain, and debris, as those substances simply slide of its smooth surface, and with its special attachment and sealing system, is more stable during windy weather as opposed to asphalt. It’s layer of foam insulation underneath also makes it great in terms of energy efficiency.¬† How strong it is and how resistant it is to rust depends on the material used, but generally they last a long time, in excess of 60 years. The main downside to metal is its cost, as it can be significantly higher than any other material, however if you live in a particularly brutal climate, it might be something worth investing in.


Few things get more classic than slate, which are thin stone shingles fixed to your roof. It comes with all the properties you would expect from a roof made of rock: incredibly durable, resistant to moisture, insects, and fire, and if properly installed, immovable in the event of most storms. However, it is vital to choose the right contractors to install this kind of roof, as it is rather difficult to install. Furthermore, because it’s stone, it is heavy and will need to have a properly enforced roof to ensure that it doesn’t put excess strain on the structure of your home. If you feel that this may not make it right for you but still want the look, there are plenty of other rubber options available.

When it comes to roofing at the end of the day, it is a tricky balancing act of needs, personal preference, and cost. Each material has its own set of properties that make it ideal for some climates and inadequate for others, but that varies widely depending on who you get it from. What would ideally help you are qualified professionals with numerous years of experience, and can easily diagnose and repair/install any portion of your roof.

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